Parksville Qualicum Community Foundation

Building Vibrant Communities

Our Vision

We envision vibrant communities for all through permanent legacies.

Our Purpose

Our work is to help build vibrant communities by cultivating community capacity.

Vibrancy depends on long-term resources for long-term solutions, it comes from all corners of the community, and it needs leadership, so:

  • We work with donors to build endowment funds that ensure vibrant futures for our communities and neighbourhoods.
  • We grant funds to the widest possible range of organizations and initiatives to meet community needs.
  • We bring neighbours together from all parts of our communities to stimulate new ideas, build participation, and strengthen community philanthropy.

Latest News

Our Values

We are guided by the following values:

  • INTEGRITY – We are honest, respectful and ethical in all our thoughts and actions.
  • ACCOUNTABILITY – We are accountable to those with whom we work and to those we serve including donors, clients, and partners.
  • INCLUSIVITY – We are open to diverse thoughts and actions, regognizing that our communities and neighbourhoods include people of all ages and stations.
  • INNOVATION – We are creative and inventive in our responses to opportunities and challenges.
  • PERSPECTIVE- We are conscious that our decisions and actions impact today’s and future generations.
  • LEVERAGE – We are rigorous in achieving maximum benefit from every relationship and opportunity.