100 Kids for Change is an organization for youth ages 18 and under in the Oceanside area, with the purpose of spreading positive change in the community through youth philanthropy.

Under 18? Live in Oceanside?
We invite you to join us and become 1 in our 100!

About 100 Kids for Change

100 Kids for Change is a youth-run organization, supported by the Parksville-Qualicum Community Foundation. Inspired by 100+ Women Who Care Oceanside and 100 Oceanside Men Who Give a Damn, 100 Kids gives youth an opportunity to positively impact their community through youth philanthropy.

Our members meet on the second Tuesday of every third month, each bringing a donation of $10+ to be pooled with the other members’ donations. Before the meeting, members nominate local charities to receive the collective donation; three nominations are chosen at random, and the members vote on which charity will receive the funds.

We welcome youth ages 18 and under who live in the Oceanside area and are passionate about giving back to the community to become a member and join in the power of collective giving.


Our meetings are on the second Tuesday of every third month, starting in February and ending in November. We meet at Yates Memorial, 1000 Allsbrook Road, Parksville BC. Doors open at 6:30 pm and the meeting runs from 7:00 to 8:00 pm. Please ensure that you have joined our membership by filling out our Membership Form prior to the meeting.

February 13

May 14

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November 12

Join Our Membership

When you join as a member of 100 Kids, we ask for a year-long commitment of 4 meetings and 4 donations of $10+.

New members are welcome to join 100 Kids at any time. At the start of all our meetings, there will be a quick orientation for first timers. This will give you a sense of how the nomination and voting process will work, and what to expect during meetings.

Only registered members can nominate charities prior to attending the meeting, and only members in attendance at meetings can donate their $10+ contribution and vote on which charity 100 Kids will support. Please pre-register before attending meetings so you are able to fully participate!

What’s the minimum age? While the age limit for 100 Kids is 18 years old, there is no minimum age to become a member. 100 Kids is geared towards youth between the ages of 12 and 18, but if you are younger and are passionate about giving back to the community, you are welcome to join. Parents are encouraged to attend meetings with their member(s) to support them, especially if they are younger or unfamiliar with the meeting process.

What if I want to bring a friend? If you know someone who is interested in joining 100 Kids but wants to check it out first, we encourage you to bring them with you to one of our meetings. Please note that they are only allowed to watch the meeting, and cannot participate in nominations, donating, or voting. A guest can only be a guest at one meeting – if they would like to attend more meetings, they must register as a member.

Nominate a Local Charity!

Want to nominate a local charity to receive 100 Kids’ donation? Here’s how:

To qualify for a nomination, a charity must meet these criteria:

  • Be registered with the Canadian Revenue Agency
  • Have a strong presence in the Oceanside area
  • Use the majority of 100 Kids’ donation in our community, which helps ensure the impact of our donation stays local

Looking for a charity to nominate?
Visit the CRA’s searchable database or CanadaHelps and search for the name of your community to find local charities.

At each meeting, all nominations are collected in a hat and three are chosen at random. Next, the three members whose charities were picked are each given up to two-minutes to share why they believe 100 Kids should support their charity. After the three presentations are complete, members vote by secret ballot, and whichever charity gets the most votes receives 100 Kids’ donation.

While the ballots are being counted, a representative from last meeting’s winning charity will share how their charity has benefited from 100 Kids’ contribution.

Multiple members can nominate the same charity – every nomination means another chance in the draw for that charity. Members are only allowed one nomination in the hat at a time and can withdraw it or replace it with another nomination by contacting us. Once a charity has received 100 Kids’ donation, it will not be eligible for nomination for another three years.

Why Join 100 Kids for Change?

Joining 100 Kids gives you the opportunity to meet like-minded youth from the Oceanside area and make long-lasting friendships with passionate people just like you. Your quarterly donation of $10+, combined with other members’ donations, is a simple yet powerful way to give back to the community.

By nominating and voting on the local organizations you want to support, you also have the power to make a difference for the charities that mean something to you. You get to be the change you want to see in the world.