NSG Evaluation Report

Neighbourhood Small Grants Evaluation Report

Neighbourhood Small Grants (NSG) is concluding a special milestone of 20 years contributing to communities, continuing to fulfill its vision as a grassroots grantmaking movement.

The impact of small grants reach far beyond any single event. Collectively, NSG contributes to the greater movement that is improving our communities. NSG brings people together, shifting division to connection and understanding among neighbours, and inspiring support network and community leaders.

For a summary of the Evaluation Report and key recommendations for NSG members moving forward, see the blog post, From Building Communities to Building Movements — the NSG 2018 Evaluation, by Geneva Lloyd.

Summary Reports

Program Coordinators, please share the following summary reports to the project leaders and committee members in your communities:

  1. NSG Evaluation – Full Report
  2. Summary for Project Leaders
  3. Summary for Neighbourhood Grants Committee Members
  4. Summary for Coordinators


Vancouver Foundation Magazine Highlights

View the 2019 Vancouver Foundation Magazine that highlights NSG and Downtown Eastside stories, especially:

  • When I Grow Young on (Pg. 4)
  • Game Design and Coding Workshop (Pg. 5)
  • Using old technology to help tackle the growing problem of loneliness and social isolation (Pg. 16-17)
  • A rising of voices, this is a story of Myra Pierre, one of our Downtown Eastside Small Arts Grantees (pg. 8-9)

Video Highlight: Eagle Feather

Please see this video of Myra Pierre’s, DTES Small Arts Grant grant recipient, entitled ‘Eagle Feather.’

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