Benefits of Giving

The Benefits of Giving

Whether you buy gifts, volunteer your time, or donate money to charity, giving has some added benefits, such as feeling a big dose of happiness. Giving is much more than reducing your tax burden—it may also help build stronger social connections, or cause a ripple effect of generosity through your community.

Here are some great reasons to give:

Greater Life Satisfaction

A German study indicates that people who give more to others experience greater satisfaction in life than people who do not. And, communities with higher levels of giving tend to demonstrate great satisfaction within the community. A 2008 study by Harvard Business School professor Michael Norton and colleagues found that giving money to someone else lifted participants’ spirit more than spending it on themselves.

Why Give to Community Organizations?

Giving to community organizations, such as the Parksville-Qualicum Community Foundation, can provide local safety nets that guarantee vital assistance during crisis or emergencies. They can also respond faster to local needs than larger organizations do, and obtain most of their funding from private donations. Giving to community organizations directly support local programs that enhance community well being.

Improve Overall Health & Reduce Stress 

An article in Consumer Reports suggests that seniors who volunteer their time have better health, improved cognitive function, increased walking speed, and increased ability to climb stairs. Improve your health by volunteering, and see reduced rates of stress as well.

Reduce your Taxes

At the end of the year, charitable contributions can reduce your tax burden. You can also donate unwanted items to charity (such as clothing and furniture), and claim the value of these goods as a deduction.

Giving is Contagious!

When we choose to give, we make a difference to the recipient of the gift immediately, and also spur a ripple effect of generosity through our community.

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