VIU Survey

Participate in VIU Survey

Vancouver Island University (VIU) is conducting a short survey where you can share how you feel about nature in your community. This project seeks to understand the impacts of people’s actions on ecosystems within the Mount Arrowsmith Biosphere Region.

A group of environmental psychologists and geographers from (VIU) are studying attachment to, identification with, and use of the natural features in our local area. They have created a short questionnaire for community members like you.

Please tell us about how you feel about nature in your community! Through this research, VIU hopes to learn even more about how and why people relate to nature in local settings like ours.

This study is part of a larger three year research project at VIU – The View from 2117 – funded by the Canadian Mountain Network. The research is being conducted by Dr. Lindsay McCunn, a psychology Professor at VIU. She is also a researcher affiliated with the Mount Arrowsmith Biosphere Region Research Institute (MABRRI) and the Canadian Mountain Network.

Thank you for participating!

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