Apply for a Neighbourhood Small Grant this Spring

Neighbourhood Small Grants (NSG) are open just in time for spring! The NSG program is based on a simple but powerful idea — when people feel a sense of connection and belonging to their neighbourhood, they are more likely to be engaged in activities that make it a better place. 

BC residents can apply for up to $500 for projects that connect people socially, or share skills or talents. Through NSG, Parksville-Qualicum Community Foundation is actively supporting neighbours to build community and strengthen connections right here in Oceanside. 

In 2021 we distributed $13,450 in funding for 35 local projects. Projects were diverse, from delivering care packages for hospital stays and shoreline and community clean up, to meditation, quilting, and curling programs. 

Applications will be received until April 15, 2022.

Quick Facts about NSG:

  • Residents of any age, experience, or background can take part in building community
  • Applying generally takes less than 30 minutes to submit ideas. Coordinators are available to help navigate your application
  • Any product, service, or event created with the support of a Neighbourhood Small Grant must be offered for free or by a small donation
  • Your project can take place either online or in-person
  • In-person events should follow local public health guidelines
  • In 2021, NSG in Oceanside distributed $13,450 in funding for 35 projects! Projects were diverse in ideas, from care packages for hospital stays, shoreline and community clean up, to community meditation, quilting, and curling
  • In 2020, NSG saw 218 projects happen across Vancouver Island with over $100,000 in funding distributed
  • The Island Network of NSG is facilitated in partnership with Clayoquot Biosphere Trust and the Victoria Foundation
  • NSG has been helping BC communities become stronger, safer, and more welcoming since 1999

Questions? Need Inspiration? We’re here to help!

For inspiration, check out stories of past projects from across BC

If you have questions about your application, reach out to: 
[email protected]

Applications will be received until April 15, 2022
NSG Program: $50 – $500
Application Process:



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