Forward House Community Society


Annual Foundation Grant


Myra Rogers, Program Manager


Thank you so much for the generous $3680 grant for 2022-23, which funded our 'Art of Health & Recovery' Project. This project saw us producing two different art calendars, highlighting each one of our programs: Mental Health and Addiction Recovery. Work from twenty of our clients was displayed in these calendars, along with client quotes and information about Forward House and our events. We were also able to buy necessary art supplies and materials for mixed media - photography, painting, drawing etc. Parks West Business Supplies printed both of our calendars at a very reduced rate, which allowed us to purchase and give away more than the 50 of each that we had planned.
In addition, we were able to give our artists the opportunity to have their art displayed on a unique item as a gift to keep or give as Christmas gifts to a friend of family member. Our artists chose to receive their art on mugs, coasters, bookmarks, jigsaw puzzles and even tote bags. It was a real delight for them to not only receive such a gift but also to see their artistic creation on display in this way.
With the remainder of the grant we have purchased a few tote bags displaying pieces of the client artwork as gifts from Forward House. This will allow our client art to be showcased to an even wider audience and raise greater awareness of Forward House and what we do in the community. None of these things would have been possible without your grant, so we thank you again for the funding which made this project possible.