Nanoose Bay Neighbourhood Emergency Preparedness Planning


Neighbourhood Small Grant


Sheila Parry


Thank you for providing our group the NSG grant last fall. It provided us funds to purchase needed supplies to help our small group get set up to host some information events on how to be better prepared for an emergency. To not only help connect and meet our neighbours, but to help them to fully realize the importance of being prepared.
We met and got to talk to many of our neighbours which was the initial intent of this grant. To facilitate and foster the idea of neighbours helping neighbours in an emergency. We had attendance from Jenkins Cres, Stroulger Rd and Sangster Cres with also our main mentors Rudi Widdershoven and Ross Peterson from the Madrona NEP group. In total we had over 19 people attend at various times for coffee, picking up material and viewing what should be in your emergency packs. Networking with neighbours! It was a great exercise!
I received many thank-you's from those who attended for taking the time to organize and provide a scenario for people to come together and meet and talk about the what if's and interact with each other. So many new friends were made yesterday all thanks to your grant! There is still a long way to go to get fully set up with much needed items and supplies. Again, Thank-you all for providing us the funding opportunities to pursue this endeavour! Please feel free to contact me for any additional information if needed.